Air-Puff Tonometers

Air-Puff Tonometers

Challenges and insights

Professor Robert Koprowski, Dr Magdalena Jedzierowska, Dr Michele Lanza, Dr Marcelo Macedo, Dr Marcelo Hatanaka


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Air-Puff Tonometers presents the latest achievements and research works in the area of intraocular pressure measurement by the air-puff method. This method is used, for example, by the Corvis® ST, owing to the ultra-high-speed Scheimpflug camera, which records corneal deformation being the response to an air puff. The text also covers:

• New methods of image analysis and processing
• New engineering methods used in devices
• Method reducing measurement (intraocular pressure) errors
• The change in the blood pulsation phase during measurement that affects the results in different ways
• Other IOP measurement methods (using the air-puff method)
• Medical and engineering problems with the air-puff method

This book is recommended reading for those involved in the analysis and processing of images and wanting to expand their knowledge of contemporary diagnostic methods and image analysis.