Embrace Your Identity in Christ

Embrace Your Identity in Christ

Niyi Olujobi


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This book brings to light how the Father sees us with scriptural references and how we are to respond to the Father’s heart for us. This book takes us from just embracing who we are in Him to assuming the responsibility of a son based on love and not necessarily duty.

The revelation of our identity in Christ should be the foundation of all discipleship program for new believers in Christ and one of the key steps in ministering to those who are students of inner healing and the basis of follow-up after freedom sessions with people. The concept and revelation of our identity in Christ is crucial in developing a proper relationship with God our Father.

Jesus came to model sonship. The first Adam (also known as a son of God), we never knew him when he was without sin and hence, cannot model on him however the last Adam came (known as the Son of God), we knew Him without sin and He modelled sonship in all forms that He might become our perfect example of what a son should look like.

Based on our identity in Christ and our maturity in the same, we can now assume the responsibility of sonship. In the natural, the level of maturity of a son will determine the level of responsibility given to that son. The same is applicable in the kingdom of God. Your level of maturity in your sonship will determine the level of responsibility the Father can commit to you. This book is not just about affirming our identity in Christ but also challenges us on the responsibility of sonship.

This book empowers you to overcome the works of darkness. 1 John 3:8 talks of the Son of God was manifested to destroy the works of the devil and as you assume and embrace your sonship, you will equally do the same, that is, destroy the works of the devil in your daily life.

The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. It is time to arise into what God has made you to be. I celebrate the you that emerges after absorbing the truth of God that comes from the words in this book.

May this book enable you live the victorious life you have been designed to live; may it enable you rise up to purpose and destiny in the kingdom of God and may it create a ripple effect on all those in whom you come in contact with.


Niyi Olujobi:

Niyi Olujobi is the senior pastor of Church of His Presence, UK. He is married to Gloria and blessed with Tobi & Tomiwa. He is a powerful preacher of the word and loves to see the body of Christ rise up to their identity and purpose in God.