An Alaskan Affliction

An Alaskan Affliction

An Exciting “Best Of” Remote Alaskan Adventures

Rosi Jarussi


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An Alaskan Affliction is packed with pure entertainment, featuring highlights from decades of Alaska hard core adventures. It opens with unforgettable dog mushing to embrace the best of the Interior's extreme winters, and snowmachining that doubles the thrills and mishaps of travel over river ice, through blizzards, and sudden whiteouts. Summer offers the finest river journeys. There are sudden storms, log jams, whirlpools, and wildlife encounters in the immense panorama of wilderness and water—with a vivid portrait of the dynamics of being a team member in the bush. The remote prospecting stories are thrilling and risky, and demand a lifetime of bush skills. They end with a resounding bear story that catalyzes the true essence of living and exploring as an Alaskan. All are top notch adventures with good dogs and old machines, undersized kayaks and cantankerous boats, with a touch of lunacy and a can-do attitude, both essential dispositions for exploring Alaska's wilds.


Rosi Jarussi:
Rosi Jarussi left her rural home in the Bitterroot valley of Montana in 1978, and eventually teamed up with partner Bob Muller in Alaska, for thirty years of raw adventure, beginning with a self staked remote homestead deep in the Interior. They first explored the wild country of the East Crazy Mountains on foot, and graduated to dogs, snowmachines, boats and kayaks to expand their travels year around in Alaska's great Bush. These journeys honed their bush skills and galvanized their love for Alaska's gifts to those who are willing to seek them out. Rosi lives with her partner thirty miles north of Fairbanks, near a mountain top in a hand hewed log cabin, where “Our heads are in the clouds, but our feet are on the ground.”