HTML5 Mobile

HTML5 Mobile

Pocket Primer

Oswald Campesato


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This book provides HTML5 technologies for developing HTML5 Mobile hybrid mobile applications, primarily for self-directed learners who are comfortable with HTML/Javascript and who want to learn how to create mobile applications using HTML5 for Android and iOS. Readers will learn how to use CSS3 and HTML5 Canvas to render 2D shapes, apply transformations, and create animation effects. Readers will learn about JavaScript toolkits such as jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, and D3 for creating HTML5 hybrid mobile applications.


* Discusses various HTML5 APIs with Android and iOS
* Contains CSS3 and HTML5 Canvas graphics and animation effects
* Uses jQuery Mobile to develop hybrid HTML5 Mobile apps
* Uses PhoneGap to develop hybrid HTML5 Mobile apps
* Provides supplemental code samples and videos on the DVD

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